Understanding Your Invoice

What is your invoice telling you?

Your invoice contains a host of information related to your premium and payments. 

invoice example

  1. Bill Date: the date in which the bill was created/sent.
  2. Description: describes the reason for the billing (eg. installment premium, audit adjustment, refund, etc.)
  3. Term: the policy term for which the transaction is related.
  4. Premium: the amount due for this transaction.
  5. Applied Amount: a payment or credit applied to the transaction.
  1. Amount Due: the amount owed for this transaction.
  2. Date Due: the date in which payment is due by.
  3. Current Installments: Here are your upcoming installments, the amount due, and the due date for any future installments based on your installment plan, if you have one. 
  4. Premium Due: the sum of your transactions and the resulting premium due at this time.